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Are you a contractor searching for the additional benefits typically reserved for traditional employees? Look no further than We Contract. We’ve partnered with industry leaders, giving you access to premium perks. For example, you can receive comprehensive insurance, income protection and mortgage assistance. Our top-level partnerships mean you can get not only premium security, but also an extensive range of benefits.

Smart Pension

Employee Pension Provider

Delivered through our partnerships with Smart Pension, they provide impartial advice and guidance for optimising your pension and exploring investment opportunities to help secure your future.

Contractor Mortgages

If you are you facing challenges in securing your ideal mortgage deal ten you've come to the right place. We've partnered with the contracting mortgage specialists Cleerly. They understand umbrella pay structures and can help you find the right deal based on your actual borrowing potential. 


Discover Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance, recommended by We Contract for tailored coverage designed for contractors. With industry expertise and a commitment to quality service, Kingsbridge offers peace of mind in an ever-changing work landscape. Focus on your work with confidence, backed by reliable coverage from Kingsbridge.
We Account

Self Assessment

Discover We Account's Contractor Self Assessments, endorsed by our sister company, We Contract! Tailored for contractors, We Account handles your annual HMRC tax return efficiently and cost-effectively. Our dedicated accounts team ensures compliance with tax regulations, handling everything from filing returns to processing financial entitlements. Simplify your financial affairs with We Account.

Training Provider

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Financial Advisor

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