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Discover the streamlined efficiency of umbrella payroll services tailored for contractors and freelancers! Elevate your workforce management with our comprehensive solution.

This is how Umbrella Works

  1. Contractor Engagement: A contractor or freelancer works on temporary assignments or projects for various clients or agencies.
  2. Agreement with Umbrella Company: Instead of the agency/client managing their own payroll, the contractor enters into an agreement with an umbrella company.
  3. Employment Relationship: The umbrella company employs the contractor. This means the umbrella company give full employment rights and cover the contractor under our comprehensive insurance cover.
  4. Timesheets: The contractor submits timesheets to the agency/client, the agency sends this information through to the umbrella company for the work completed.
  5. Payroll Processing: The umbrella company processes payroll for the contractor, deducting income tax, National Insurance contributions, and any other relevant deductions before paying the contractor.
  6. Invoicing: The umbrella company invoices the agency/client for the contractor’s services, including the contractor’s fees and any additional costs or margins.
  7. Compliance and Administration: The umbrella company handles administrative tasks such as compliance with tax and employment regulations, ensuring the contractor receives the benefits entitled to them as an employee (e.g., holiday pay, sick pay), and providing necessary documentation.
  • Efficiency Redefined: Wave goodbye to payroll headaches! Our streamlined system ensures swift and accurate processing, freeing up your time for what matters most—your business.
  • Contractors: Roll out the red carpet for your contractors! With our umbrella, they’ll enjoy exclusive perks and benefits that keep them motivated and committed to your projects.
  • Invoicing: Our elite team handles client invoicing like clockwork (1 hour turnaround), leaving you free to focus on closing deals and expanding your empire.
  • Compliance Mastery: Stay ahead of the curve with our compliance superheroes! Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about regulations—we’ve got you covered.


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