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Excitement Mounts as Big Tax Cuts Likely in Pre-Election Budget

Tac Cuts

With the UK’s Spring Budget just around the corner, anticipation is building as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt prepares to unveil potential tax cuts that could provide much-needed relief to individuals and families across the nation. But can he make a better job of balancing the books than he can balancing his own moral compass? With an […]

Streamlining Workforce Management: FCSA and SafeRec Accredited Umbrella Companies Deliver Benefits for End Hirers


In an era of evolving workforce dynamics, end hirers are increasingly turning to accredited umbrella companies to navigate the complexities of employment. The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) and SafeRec accreditation have emerged as trusted benchmarks for umbrella companies, providing a seal of approval for compliance, transparency, and best practices. End hirers utilizing FCSA […]

HMRC Launches Investigation into Self-Employed Status of Pharmacy Locums


In a bid to scrutinise the employment practices within the pharmaceutical sector, His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has initiated a comprehensive investigation into the classification of pharmacy locums as self-employed individuals. This move comes amid growing concerns over potential misclassification and its impact on tax contributions and workers’ rights. Pharmacy locums, who often work […]


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